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How is the performance of the double piston rod cylinder TN

Update:20 May 2021

Cylinders take the number of piston rods as an indicato […]

Cylinders take the number of piston rods as an indicator. The cylinders can be divided into single-piston rod, double-piston rod, and three-piston rod cylinders. The more piston rods, the greater the thrust under the same stroke.

Double piston rod cylinder TN performance:

Double-piston rod cylinders are also called double-stroke cylinders because the cylinder itself has two piston rods with the same stroke. The double-piston cylinder adopts heterosexual sealing design, which has lower friction resistance, high efficiency and energy saving, and double sealing ring.

The models of double piston rod cylinders are: TN double shaft cylinder, CXSM series double shaft cylinder, TD series double shaft cylinder.

Advantages of double acting pneumatic cylinder:

1. Solid aluminum material. Using solid aluminum CNC machining, the inner wall is polished smoothly without jamming, and the work efficiency is high; the hard oxidation process is durable and supports various working conditions.

2. Special lubricants. Special lubricating oil is added inside, which has good compatibility with piston rings and rubber parts.

3. Double sealing ring. As the pressure on the double-piston-rod cylinder increases, the sealing performance is improved, which effectively prevents the left and right chambers of the piston from bleeding from each other.

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