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Precautions for installing the air cylinder

Update:24 May 2021

Pneumatic components, as convenient and cheap automatio […]

Pneumatic components, as convenient and cheap automation components, have good development prospects. Pneumatic products not only have a large market in the traditional fields of electromechanics, textiles, home appliances, etc., but also have broad development space in emerging industries such as information technology industry, biological product industry, micro-nano fine processing and other fields. Down-to-earth, looking to the future, through the joint efforts of the industry, my country's pneumatic industry will surely enter a new world. How much do you know about the precautions for installing the air cylinder?
Before installing the air cylinder, run it under no-load conditions, and install it only after it is normal.

  A. For earring installation and intermediate shaft pin installation, the base work force should be in the same plane.

  B. For flange installation, the force and the support are on the same axis. The connection between the flange and the support seat should allow the flange surface to bear the force, and not the fixing screw to bear the tension.

  C. The piston rod of the cylinder is not allowed to bear eccentric load or lateral load. For extra-long stroke cylinders, supporting or guiding devices should be added.
  Before connecting to the pipeline, remove the internal dirt of the pipeline to prevent the impurities from entering the cylinder.
   Regularly check the fasteners to prevent loosening in time.
   When necessary, the throttle valve can be adjusted to adjust the cushioning effect to avoid the collision of the piston and the cylinder head and damage the parts.

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