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Why is there condensed water discharged from the exhaust port of the cylinder fittings

Update:29 Oct 2021

The specific reasons for the discharge of condensed wat […]

The specific reasons for the discharge of condensed water from the exhaust port of the cylinder accessories and the muffler:

(1) If you forget to drain the condensate water everywhere, you should always discharge the condensate water everywhere every day to confirm that the automatic drain can work normally.

(2) Insufficient capacity of the aftercooler, increase the amount of cooling water. Re-selection to improve the cooling capacity of the aftercooler

(3) The air compressor inlet is in a damp place or is exposed to rain. The air compressor should be placed in a place with low temperature and low humidity to avoid rain.

(4) There is a lack of water removal equipment, and necessary water removal equipment, such as aftercoolers, dryers, and filters, are added to the gas circuit.

(5) The dewatering equipment is too close to the air compressor. In order to ensure that a large amount of water is liquid for removal, the dewatering equipment should be far away from the air compressor.

(6) The compressor oil is improper, and if low-viscosity oil is used, there will be more condensed water. Appropriate compressor oil should be selected.

(7) If the ambient temperature is lower than the dew point of the dryer, the ambient temperature should be increased or the dryer should be re-selected.

(8) The instantaneous air consumption is too large, the temperature at the throttling point drops too much, and the water condenses into water. For this reason, the capacity of the water removal device should be improved.


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