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What is the difference between a standard cylinder and a thin cylinder?

Update:22 Oct 2021

The difference between a thin cylinder with the same bo […]

The difference between a thin cylinder with the same bore and stroke and a standard cylinder:
  1. Thin cylinders or complex compact/short stroke cylinders refer to the design of some reduced sizes compared to standard (such as IS06432) cylinders. This makes the cylinder shorter than the standard cylinder under the premise of a certain stroke. The thin cylinder occupies less space, has a light structure, beautiful appearance, and can withstand large lateral loads. It can be directly installed on various fixtures and special equipment without installation accessories. The function of the thin air cylinder: The pressure energy of the compressed air is converted into mechanical energy, and the driving mechanism performs linear reciprocating, swinging and rotating motions. The structure of the thin cylinder: consists of a cylinder tube, an end cover, a piston, a piston rod and a seal.
  2. The definition of a standard cylinder is not obvious. Sometimes it refers to another name for a thin cylinder, and sometimes it refers to a cylinder made of light materials. Used in all walks of life, cylinders dedicated to dust removal equipment are generally used with poppet valves and electromagnetic pulse valves. The company customizes cylinders with different cylinder diameters and strokes according to customer specific requirements and needs, cylinder flanges, and cylinder matching single ears and double ears. As well as the standard air rod of the cylinder and the extended air rod of the cylinder.
   Compressed air enters the air source treatment element, and after water separation filtration, pressure reduction, and lubricating oil treatment, the dry, clean and lubricated air with a certain pressure enters the cylinder through the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve receives the signal from the electric control cabinet to control the movement of the cylinder to realize automatic processes such as cold air, ash unloading, off-line ash cleaning, and return air conversion.
   Standard cylinders can be divided into: 63, 80, 100, 125 specifications. The normal working conditions of the cylinder: the medium and the ambient temperature are -5~70℃, the working pressure is 0.1~1Mpa. The cylinder movement speed range is 50~500mm/S. Solenoid valve K25JD to 25 series two-position five-way stop valve It can be divided into five-port two-position/five-port three-position series specifications. The solenoid valve with suitable diameter, voltage, pipe thread, and installation form should be selected according to the engineering requirements. It can also be selected according to actual use.


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