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What are pneumatic components and features

Update:05 Nov 2021

Pneumatic components are components that do work throug […]

Pneumatic components are components that do work through the pressure or expansion of gas, that is, components that convert the elastic energy of compressed air into kinetic energy. Such as cylinders, pneumatic motors, steam engines, etc. Pneumatic components are a form of power transmission and also an energy conversion device, which uses gas pressure to transfer energy.
Features of pneumatic components

1. The pneumatic device has simple structure, light weight, and simple installation and maintenance. The medium is air, which is less combustible than hydraulic medium, so it is safe to use.
  2. The working medium is inexhaustible air, and the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust gas treatment is simple, does not pollute the environment, and has low cost.
  3. The adjustment of output force and working speed is very easy. The movement speed of the cylinder is generally less than 1M/S, which is faster than the movement speed of hydraulic and electrical methods.
  4. High reliability and long service life. The effective number of actions of electrical components is about one million times, while the lifespan of general solenoid valves is more than 30 million times, and some valves with good quality exceed 200 million times.
   5. Using the compressibility of air, energy can be stored and centralized air supply can be realized. It can release energy in a short time to obtain high-speed response in intermittent exercise. Can be buffered. It has strong adaptability to shock load and overload. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device can be self-retaining.
  6. ​​Full pneumatic control has the ability of fireproof, explosion-proof and moisture-proof. Compared with the hydraulic method, the pneumatic method can be used in high temperature situations.
7. Due to the small loss of air flow, compressed air can be supplied centrally and transported over long distances.



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