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What is the working principle of a pneumatic valve?

Update:24 Oct 2020

Pneumatic valve is a valve driven by compressed air. 1. […]

Pneumatic valve is a valve driven by compressed air.

1. Main types of pneumatic valves:

1) Pneumatic V-type regulating ball valve
2) Pneumatic O type cut-off ball valve
3) Torque cylinder ball valve
4) Solenoid diaphragm valve
5) Pneumatic linear diaphragm valve
6) Electric valve

2. Pneumatic V-type control valve:

Uses and characteristics

A. Purpose It is a right-angle rotation structure. It can be used with a valve positioner to achieve proportional adjustment; V-shaped spool is most suitable for various adjustment occasions. It has a large rated flow coefficient, a large adjustable ratio, and a good sealing effect. The adjustment performance is zero sensitive, the volume is small, and it can be installed vertically. Suitable for controlling gas, steam, liquid and other media.

B. Features: It is a right-angle rotation structure consisting of a V-shaped valve body, a pneumatic actuator, a positioner and other accessories; it has an inherent flow characteristic of approximately equal percentage; it adopts a double-bearing structure, which has a small starting torque and is extremely Good sensitivity and induction speed; super shearing ability.

C. The pneumatic piston actuator adopts compressed air as the power source, and the movement of the piston drives the crank arm to rotate 90 degrees, so that the valve can open and close automatically. Its components are: adjusting bolt, actuator box, crank arm, cylinder block, cylinder shaft, piston, connecting rod, cardan shaft.

D. The working principle of the pneumatic control valve: the pneumatic control valve is composed of an actuator and an adjustment mechanism. The actuator is the thrust component of the regulating valve. It generates corresponding thrust according to the pressure of the control signal to push the regulating mechanism into action. The valve body is the regulating component of the pneumatic regulating valve, which directly contacts the regulating medium to regulate the flow of the fluid.



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