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How to choose the size of standard cylinder

Update:30 Oct 2020

1. The standard cylinder(https://www.nblida.com/product […]

1. The standard cylinder(https://www.nblida.com/product/actuators/) is one of the most widely used cylinders.

2. The main features and advantages of standard cylinders

(1) The cylinder diameter is divided into 32~320mm, and the cylinder stroke can reach 2000mm.

(2) The front and rear end caps of the cylinder have buffer adjustment functions to make the cylinder piston run smoothly at both ends without impact.

(3) A variety of cylinder installation accessories are available, which are flexible and changeable.

How to select the standard cylinder? First to confirm the bore and stroke

3. Cylinder bore stroke

The stroke is the error distance between the extension and retraction of the piston rod. Some people will calculate the stroke as the cylinder itself is exposed, which is all wrong. The cylinder diameter is the diameter of the inner wall of the cylinder. Generally, the outside diameter can also be estimated. Under the same air pressure, the larger the cylinder diameter, the greater the output.

The functions of the standard cylinders commonly used in China are the same, the main difference is the external installation size and model;
This is the basic outline drawing of a standard cylinder. Confirm the installation distance of the cylinder KB and confirm the total length of the A+stroke cylinder. The size of the accessories that need to be confirmed is different.

4. Standard cylinder

Use the flange plate to install the dimensions that need to be confirmed. The front flange installation needs to confirm: the distance between the flange and the red line of the piston rod and the installation hole distance of the flange plate BD and BF. If it is a post-installation, as long as the distance between the flange and the top of the cylinder is ensured, the installation hole distance of the cylinder itself is not important at this time.

5. FA diagram of standard cylinder

Install with CACB accessories to ensure that the diameter of the DE hole and the distance from the center point to the top of the cylinder piston, the cylinder's own installation hole distance does not matter.

6. CA drawings of standard cylinders

It is necessary to confirm the distance of the AC+ stroke installation hole distance for installation with LB feet. To facilitate the installation of the bracket, confirm the intermediate distance and the telescopic length from the bottom of the bracket to the piston rod.


7. LB diagram of standard cylinder

TC and TCM center pendulum accessory brackets are installed to ensure the distance from the TC intermediate shaft to the top of the cylinder

8. TC diagram of standard cylinder

The standard cylinder has the most types of accessories. Different accessories can ensure the installation and use of the cylinder in various working environments, and can achieve unexpected results.



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