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What is the function of the sensor on the cylinder?

Update:16 Oct 2020

What is the function of the sensor on the cylinder? 1. […]

What is the function of the sensor on the cylinder?

1. A magnetic switch or other switch sensor can be installed on the cylinder. Its function is to sense the working state of the cylinder, so that the control circuit can receive the signal of the sensor switch to make the next action.

2. For example: when the inductive switch is connected to the input terminal of the TPC8-8TD timing program controller, it can be used for position-related action control such as in-position stop, in-position start, in-position alarm, and in-position alarm.

3. The control function of the cylinder is realized by the induction switch and the controller. The specific function can be set through the function setting table to set the required control function. This combination can realize the functions of various control equipment.


How to connect solenoid valve and cylinder?

There are two commonly used:
One is in the form of (valve + coil).On this valve, you can find 3 needles. Use one wire package corresponding to these 3 wires, connect the wire package to the wire, and then connect the wire package to these 3 wires. Just put it on the needle.

The other is (valve). This kind of valve has a thicker stalk. Use a coil corresponding to this stalk. Insert the coil on the stalk and fix it. Some coils have their own wires. , And some have their own cable package. If it is a cable package, the cable package is used in the same way as the first valve, and you need to distribute the line.

There are also coils on the solenoid valve that are mainly used for control. There are two wires on the coil. The coil can choose 220V and others.
The right nut of the coil is fixed on the electromagnetic valve.


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