What Is a Mini Pneumatic Cylinder?

Update:20 Oct 2022

A mini pneumatic cylinder is a small, lightweight cylin […]

A mini pneumatic cylinder is a small, lightweight cylinder used in pneumatic applications. Its features include a short stroke, small size, and narrow bore. It is available in double and single-acting types. It has the same working medium, air, and temperature range as its air-filled counterparts. Besides, it features a special bidirectional sealing structure, self-lubricating bearing guide, and a variety of cover forms.

Its smaller diameter and stroke make it ideal for use in applications where it is not feasible to fit larger pneumatic cylinders. It converts compressed air pressure into mechanical energy. Its stainless steel MA series comes in single-acting and double-acting models and is available in lead-in and pull-out styles.

These cylinders are often used in environments where failure of a system is unacceptable. One of the advantages of using pneumatics is that they are clean-operating devices, as their operating fluid is gas, and there are no drippings or contaminating fluids. Accessories for these pneumatic cylinders include mounting brackets and position switches.

A miniature air cylinder has a diameter of 2.5 mm, which makes it ideal for picking up small electronic components. Its size also makes it ideal for use in industries where space is limited. Miniature air cylinders are also helpful in the automotive, construction, and electronic components manufacturing industries. They also have a variety of applications in the food processing, metal-working, and mining industries.


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