Precautions for the manufacture of high-efficiency filter control devices

Update:02 Dec 2021

We usually use new fans and industrial air exhaust equi […]

We usually use new fans and industrial air exhaust equipment, etc., will use high-efficiency filters. The high efficiency filter is a kind of equipment used in industry or household daily use. Because of the structure and function of the high efficiency filter, the high efficiency filter is widely praised. Among them, the control device in the high-efficiency filter equipment plays a very important role, so it is necessary to pay attention to the controller when the high-efficiency filter equipment is manufactured. The following is an introduction to the manufacture of the high-efficiency filter equipment control device.

  When the control device of the high-efficiency filter equipment is manufactured, the main technologies used include all-welded structure, wall panel structure, partial assembly and on-site construction. The fully welded structure means that the control device of the high-efficiency filter equipment is mainly manufactured by welding technology. In addition, some real-time preparations can be made when the control device starts to be manufactured, which is for the support leg and its foundation that are completely included in the structure. Part. After setting up, the completion of the installation of the high-efficiency filter equipment control device also requires import/export pipes, ladders, platforms, railing parts and other accessories.

  When the control device of general high-efficiency filter equipment is partially assembled, its structure can allow the control device to reach the working place of the main part, including the interior of the high-efficiency filter. Among them, the size of the components of the high-efficiency filter needs to take into account the convenience of transportation on the one hand, and on the other hand, it needs to provide a reasonable distribution point for the assembly process. For example, the assembly contact can be between the main body and the box, and the leg assembly and the main body can be operated separately in two steps. This is a common method in the manufacturing process of the control device of the air filter equipment. In order to save workshop costs, manufacturers should complete some simple assembly in the workshop by themselves. Even so, they will not restrict manufacturing due to some size or overload problems.

The above are the precautions for the manufacture of the control device of the high-efficiency filter equipment. Although the high-efficiency filter is a very simple device, the control device in it still has some manufacturing precautions. We need long-term manufacturing experience. Can draw conclusions.


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