The position of the air pressure regulator in the RV gas system is so important

Update:25 Nov 2021

The RV has a kitchen cooking function. Those who use th […]

The RV has a kitchen cooking function. Those who use the RV often pay more attention to the gas system of the RV. This is not a simple matter like a gas tank. There is a lot of knowledge in it.
Nowadays, many RVs are equipped with gas equipment as standard. We call it gas system for short. In the whole system, the air pressure regulator plays a very important role. It is a pressure reducing valve, which can control the air pressure in the gas tank, and can reduce the air pressure from the maximum 1,600,000 pascals to 3,000 pascals. To reduce the working pressure of the pneumatic device in the motorhome, the most common one in the motorhome is the Truma air pressure regulator.
There are so many devices in a RV, one air pressure regulator, not to mention how to pay attention, the RV is usually equipped with one or two air tanks, some RVs have two air tanks, then you need to be equipped with a double-head air pressure regulator ,what's the function?

If there is a gas tank in use, it will automatically switch to a gas tank with gas. We don’t need to unplug the gas pipe from the empty tank and connect it to the gas tank, and we don’t have to worry about cooking midway. At that time, it will be out of breath. This is a more user-friendly design. The regulator does not have a pressure gauge, it needs to be installed. It’s best to install it. After installing it, you can see the air pressure of the gas tank, check its tightness, whether it leaks, and see what type of gas it is, whether it’s liquefied gas or propane. It is very convenient and practical.
Why is the air pressure regulator so important?

The gas in the gas tank must pass through the connected air pressure regulator, pass the regulator, and then be distributed and delivered to the connection port of each gas tank.
In fact, when the gas tank is placed on the RV, there will be a big test during the driving. We all know that the gas tank is an item to be handled with care and can not be subjected to too much violent collisions. There are so many speed bumps and potholes on the road. No matter how good your suspension filter is, it will inevitably suffer a severe impact.
In order to prevent RV collision accidents and gas leakage accidents, there is a gas pressure regulator with a collision sensor. Under a collision at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour, the ball in the regulator will fall, which will close the gas pipeline to prevent gas leakage. .
If your RV has no accident, it is on a bumpy road and is too sensitive, it will automatically close the gas valve, you only need to press the reset button to return to normal state.


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