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How to buy a cylinder?

Update:20 Nov 2020

How to choose a cylinder? This problem also plagues man […]

How to choose a cylinder? This problem also plagues many users of pneumatic components. People in the industry who have long been engaged in the agency of pneumatic components and wholesale of pneumatic components naturally have their own set of selection criteria, but for many laymen, the choice of cylinder is indeed a difficult problem. Cylinder is the executive component in the pneumatic system, the quality of the cylinder will directly affect the overall performance of the supporting equipment.

1. Choose a pneumatic component manufacturer with high reputation, good quality and service reputation.Ningbo Lida Pneumatic Complete Sets Co., Ltd. is founded in 1994.As
Pneumatic Control Solenoid Valve  factory, the company has professional technical management personnel and the quantity is about one-third of the total employees, and set up a Lida pneumatic engineering technology research and development center, has formed in the old, middle-aged, and young inside echelon combination of science and technology. 

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2. Check the standards used by pneumatic component manufacturers to produce cylinders. If it is an enterprise standard, compare it with the pneumatic component industry standard.

3. Inspect the appearance, internal and external leakage and no-load performance of the cylinder, mainly including three items, namely the appearance of the cylinder, the surface of the cylinder barrel and piston rod should be free of scratches, and there should be no air holes and trachoma at the end cover; No external leakage is allowed outside the rod end. The internal leakage and the external leakage of the rod end should be less than (3+0.15D) ml/min and (3+0.15d) ml/min respectively; put the cylinder in a no-load installation state, When it is running at low speed, look at its speed when there is no crawling. The lower the speed, the better.

4. Pay attention to the installation form and size of the cylinder, the installation size can be put forward when ordering to the pneumatic component manufacturer. Since the cylinder is generally not available in stock, it is recommended to use the standard type as much as possible, which can shorten the delivery time.

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