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How to overhaul pneumatic components

Update:27 Nov 2020

Overhaul of pneumatic components The following three as […]

Overhaul of pneumatic components

The following three aspects should be paid attention to when checking the air quality of the reversing valve:

1. Understand whether the lubricating oil contained in the exhaust is appropriate. The method is to put a piece of clean white paper near the exhaust port of the reversing valve. After the valve works for three to four cycles, if there is only Light spots, indicating good lubrication;

2.Understand whether the exhaust contains condensed water;

3.Understand whether there is a leak in the exhaust port that should not be exhausted.

A small amount of air leakage indicates early damage to the component (a slight leakage of the gap seal valve is normal). If the lubrication is not good, the chemical pump should consider whether the installation position of the oil mister is appropriate, whether the selected specification is appropriate, whether the amount of dripping is adjusted reasonably and whether the management method meets the requirements, if there is condensed water discharged, the location of the filter should be considered Appropriate, whether the actual and selection of various dewatering components is reasonable, and whether the condensate management meets the requirements. The main cause of leakage is poor sealing in the valve or cylinder and insufficient air pressure. When the leakage of this series of sealed valves is large, it may be caused by the wear of the valve core and valve sleeve.

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