What should be paid attention to in the use of the micro pneumatic cylinder

Update:02 Jun 2022

Different types of micro pneumatic cylinder have differ […]

Different types of micro pneumatic cylinder have different working principles, and the operation methods are naturally different when they are used. The rotary cylinder is one of the special cylinders. The complexity of the use of cylinders is not only the operation method, but also various other factors. For example, rotary cylinders should have special measures in different environments. So what should be paid attention to when using the cylinder?

1. When the load changes during work, the cylinder with sufficient output force should be selected;

2. Under high temperature or corrosive conditions, the corresponding high temperature or corrosion resistant cylinder should be selected;

3. In the case of high humidity, dust, or water droplets, oil dust and welding slag, the cylinder should take necessary protective measures;

4. Before the cylinder is connected to the pipeline, the dirt in the pipeline must be removed to prevent the sundries from entering the cylinder;

5. The medium used in the cylinder should be filtered by a filter element above 40 μm before it can be used;

6. In the low temperature environment, anti-freezing measures should be taken to prevent the moisture in the system from freezing;

7. Before the cylinder is used, it should be tested with no load. Before running, the buffer should be adjusted to the minimum and gradually loosened, so as to avoid excessive impact and damage to the cylinder;

8. Avoid side load, otherwise the piston rod will bend and deform and damage the rod end thread. Single-acting type cannot be loaded on return trip;

9. If the cylinder is removed and not used for a long time, pay attention to the surface rust prevention, and the air inlet and exhaust ports should be equipped with dust blocking caps. Special attention: the front and rear covers cannot be removed.

I hope everyone can abide by the precautions for the use of the cylinder. First of all, we can keep these precautions in mind, which can make us safer when using the rotary cylinder; secondly, it can also reduce the probability of equipment accidents, save time, and improve efficiency; finally Environmentally compliant responses can increase the lifespan of equipment and save costs.


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