Solenoid valve installation attention

Update:24 May 2022

Solenoid valve installation attention 1. When installin […]

Solenoid valve installation attention

1. When installing, it should be noted that the arrow on the valve body should be consistent with the flow direction of the medium. Do not install in places where there is direct dripping or splashing. The solenoid valve should be installed vertically upwards;

2. The solenoid valve should be guaranteed to work normally within the fluctuation range of the power supply voltage of 15%-10% of the rated voltage;

3. After the solenoid valve is installed, there must be no reverse pressure difference in the pipeline. And it needs to be powered on several times to make it suitable for temperature before it can be officially put into use;

4. The pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned before installing the solenoid valve. The incoming medium should be free of impurities. Install filter before valve;

5. When the solenoid valve fails or is cleaned, in order to ensure the continuous operation of the system, a bypass device should be installed.

All products of pneumatic components must be kept within the specified working pressure and voltage range. When used in environments with a lot of water or oil droplets and dust, they must be covered with a protective cover to avoid product damage. Do not use corrosive substances fluid or air to avoid product damage. When the product is in operation, do not touch the terminal parts or switches to avoid short circuit or circuit error, resulting in action and electric shock. Do not place other objects on the product to prevent the product from falling Causes damage to human body, machines and devices. In addition, the product may be damaged and cause the danger of malfunction and loss of control.


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