Precautions for pneumatic cylinder Installation

Update:10 Jun 2022

For example, when the pneumatic cylinder is actuated, p […]

For example, when the pneumatic cylinder is actuated, please pay attention to the direction of actuation. Do not put your hands within the actuating range of the cylinder. Wires such as the wires of the sensor switch, etc., please check properly if there is any damage, strong pull, twist, etc. Deflection, placing heavy objects on the product, etc., may cause short circuit or circuit disorder, causing sparks and electric shocks. It is recommended that the cylinder speed be below 500mm/sec, otherwise it will cause cylinder failure. However, if it is subjected to a large load and the speed is less than When it is still very fast within the maximum limit, direct impact to the cylinder should be prevented, it is recommended to use an external buffer...etc.
Such as directional control valve, triple air combination, air compressor accessories, induction switch
Wires such as pressure switch wires, solenoid valve power supply wires, etc. should be properly checked. If there is damage, strong pulling, twisting, bending, placing heavy objects on the product, etc., it may cause a short circuit or circuit disorder, causing the Sparks and electric shock. Do not use a filter or lubricator without a protective cover. When filtering or lubricating, do not use a flawed protective cover.
If necessary, wear protective gloves, glasses and safety shoes to ensure safety. Reserve space around the product for easy maintenance.
When installing, blow debris, seals, chips, dust, etc. away from the piping to avoid leakage of the threaded piping, use an appropriate torque value to lock it.
An air filter is installed at the front of the product to remove water and filtrate and drain water regularly. Spindle oil or engine oil cannot be used for product lubrication, otherwise it is easy to cause the expansion of the sealing ring and poor operation. When operating below 5°C, be careful not to accumulate water. Frozen. Magnetic substances such as disk cards or testing machines should not be approached to magnetic cylinders with magnetic induction and magnetic parts of solenoid valves. When the product is no longer in use, it must be properly disposed of as industrial waste. Do not put the product directly into fire , because it may generate explosive or toxic gas.
The pneumatic cylinder product must be installed on a flat surface. If it is installed on a distorted surface, it will lead to poor accuracy, leakage and other errors. If the product installation part is defective or recessed, the main surface will be uneven. The friction surface of the piston rod and guide rod There should be no defects or depressions, otherwise the seal will be easily damaged and leak. When the cylinder guide rod is introduced, do not put any part of your body between the cylinder body and the front connecting block (double guide rod cylinder) to avoid injury.


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