The development trend of pneumatic components

Update:04 Mar 2021

High quality: The service life of solenoid valve can re […]

High quality: The service life of solenoid valve can reach 100 million times, and the service life of cylinder can reach 5000-8000Km.
  High precision: the positioning accuracy can reach 0.5~0.1mm, the filtration precision can reach 0.01um, and the oil removal rate can reach 1m3. The oil mist in the standard atmosphere is below 0.1mg.
  High speed: The reversing frequency of the small solenoid valve can reach tens of Hz, and the maximum speed of the cylinder can reach 3m/s.
   Low power consumption: The power of the solenoid valve can be reduced to 0.1W. energy saving.
  Miniaturization: The components are made into ultra-thin, ultra-short, and ultra-small.
  Lightweight: The components are made of new materials such as aluminum alloy and plastic, and the parts are designed with equal strength.
   No oil supply: The system composed of non-oil supply lubricating elements does not pollute the environment, the system is simple, the maintenance is simple, and the lubricating oil is saved.
   Composite integration: reduce wiring (such as serial transmission technology), piping and components, save space, simplify disassembly and assembly, and improve work efficiency.
   Mechatronics: A typical control system is composed of "computer remote control + programmable controller + sensor + pneumatic components".
   Pneumatic technology application:
   Automobile manufacturing industry: Including welding production lines, fixtures, robots, conveying equipment, assembly lines, coating lines, engines, tire production equipment, etc.
  Production automation: machining and assembly of parts on a machining production line, such as handling, indexing, positioning, clamping, feeding, loading and unloading, assembling, cleaning, and testing procedures.
  Mechanical equipment: automatic air jet looms, automatic cleaning machines, metallurgical machinery, printing machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, shoemaking machinery, plastic product production lines, artificial leather production lines, glass product processing lines and many other occasions.
  Electronic semiconductor home appliance manufacturing industry: such as the handling of silicon wafers, the insertion and soldering of components, and the assembly line of color TVs and refrigerators.
  Automatic packaging: chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, grain, food, medicine, bioengineering, etc. realize automatic measurement and packaging of powder, granular and block materials. Used in many processes such as automated cigarettes and automated packaging in the tobacco industry. Used for automatic metering and filling of viscous liquids (such as paint, ink, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc.) and toxic gases (such as gas, etc.).
  The main supply: air source two-piece, 4V series solenoid valve, SC cylinder, two-piece, three-piece, hand valve, PC connector, PU pipe, pressure reducing valve and other pneumatic components


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