Reasons for easy damage to the cylinder

Update:25 Feb 2021

Cylinders often have insufficient pressure during the c […]

Cylinders often have insufficient pressure during the construction process. If this problem occurs, the shutdown performance of the equipment will decrease, resulting in a decrease in engine power and difficulty in starting.
The main reason for the insufficient pressure in the cylinder is the serious wear of the cylinder liner and piston ring, the poor contact of the valve seat, and the occurrence of air leakage. It is necessary to correctly discharge the failure of insufficient cylinder pressure in use, so check the relevant positions one by one during use.
The operating speed of the cylinder is slower than the normal state. When using it, the pressure of the main system should be measured, and secondly, whether the pressure system matches the initial setting.
The cylinder should be checked in time when measuring the pressure, and the multiplexed transmission should be checked for foreign matter or damage through the hydraulic oil and the return oil filter.
The location where the cylinder is easily damaged is the arc of the cylinder wall and the flange. Cracks will appear on several cylinder walls during use, and the air may be damaged due to serious air turbidity.
When a crack occurs in the cylinder, it must first gradually extend outward from the inner wall. Most of the cracks that usually occur are longitudinally distributed. Then a 40-degree angle is directly formed with the cylinder wall generatrix, and annular cracks begin to appear on the inner surface of the lower transition arc position of the cylinder. Gradually extend to the outer wall and even separate.

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