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WG Series Mini-Valve、Collecting Plate

WG Series Mini-Valve、Collecting Plate

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WG23-6 solenoid valve adopts threewire special coil (utility wire, open wire, close wire). When the utility wire and open wire are energized, the solenoid valve keeps
open; when the utility wire and close wire are energized, the solenoid valve keeps closed. This valve can be used in the working environment with long switching period, and it solves the defect of coil damaged by heating due to long time electrification. It is safe, reliable and has long service life.


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The valve is designed according to WE series valves developed by our company. The valve body is made of highquality synthetic plastics, special sealing materials and advanced technology. It has simple and beautiful appearance,sensitive commutation, good stability, high frequency, low power and long service life. It is widely used in the field of air route commutation control in machinery manufacturing and textile industry.









Working Medium

40 Micron Filtered Air

Operating Temperature


Response time(ms)

<10ms/10ms or Less

Max Operating Frequency

20 Cycle 1 Sec

Min. Operating Frequency

1 Cycle /30 Day


Not Lubrication

Manual Override

Not Lubrication



Electrical Entry

Play the Soles of the Type

Connector Type



Standard Voltage


Allowable Voltage


Power Consumption


Joint Pipe Bore

Plate Connection Type



Flowing Character




Overall Dimension


Base Ordering Code


Note:If the bottom plate matches the valve, add the number of seats after the valve model.

For Example: WG23-4-4F



Overall Dimension


Our company area has 10000 square and adopted the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, the United Kingdom QEC certification and CE certification. As a professional China WG Series Mini-Valve、Collecting Plate Suppliers and WG Series Mini-Valve、Collecting Plate company,we has participated in the many national standard system revision work like' direction control valve' pneumatic pipe joint test method" and so on. Otherwise, our products have won more than 30 countries registered patents, including 3 invention patents, 20 new utility models. Our WG Series Mini-Valve、Collecting Plate are widely used in knitting, medical, food, packaging, petrochemical, metallurgy, coating, vehicles and other mechanical equipment industry.

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