Which high-efficiency filter manufacturer is more reliable

Update:22 Jul 2022

The primary filter is made of non-woven fabric, glass f […]

The primary filter is made of non-woven fabric, glass fiber, etc. as the filter material, wedge-shaped folded shape to increase the filtering area, clamped by metal wire mesh or supported by built-in metal dragon skeleton, and equipped with a metal outer frame to make a plate structure. It has the characteristics of low resistance, long life, washable, economical and durable.
Primary air filters are generally used for pre-filtration of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems, and pre-filtration of gas turbines and air compressors.
The structure of the primary air filter is generally divided into a dragon skeleton and a frame skeleton. The characteristics of the dragon skeleton are strong, and the filter material is evenly distributed, but the production is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The characteristics of the frame frame are that it is convenient to replace the filter material, saves time in production, and the strength is slightly worse than that of the dragon frame.
Filter material:
Activated carbon filters are made of Pneumatic Control Solenoid Valves washable non-woven fabrics, activated carbon, synthetic fibers, chemical fibers (imported), glass fibers (imported), and brocade mesh (nylon mesh). The most commonly used are non-woven fabrics and glass fibers. Efficiency can be coarse or medium.
Related common sense introduction:
The use of metal material as the frame of the coarse filter feels quite Chinese. The choice of green material is basically the same as the disposable paper frame in theory. The main reason for making the metal frame is that it is durable and cost-effective. Due to the use of metal frame, every time the filter life is reached, only the inner filter element needs to be replaced, thus saving costs.

Which high-efficiency filter manufacturer in Zhejiang is more reliable

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