Choosing the right pneumatic cylinder for your application

Update:15 Jul 2022

Choosing the right pneumatic cylinder for your applicat […]

Choosing the right pneumatic cylinder for your application requires considering several important factors. It's important to select a cylinder that's the right size and shape for the type of motion you need it to perform. If you choose a cylinder that's too large, it will bend or waste air, which isn't a good thing. You need to consider your needs, environment, and load before making your purchase.

Pneumatic cylinders are used in numerous industries and are most commonly used for motion generation from pressurised gas. Pneumatic cylinders come in many types and have different uses depending on the job they're designed for. These cylinders are also known as air cylinders, and can operate with pressures of five to twenty bar. When you choose the right type, you can expect it to last a long time and be very effective in a wide variety of situations.

Before a cylinder is assembled and installed, it's important to test it thoroughly. You can perform this test by deploying a flexible air line and blow gun to test its installation and movement. You should also check the axis of the cylinder by using dial gauges placed on the outside of the cylinder. When it's aligned correctly, the load should move smoothly between the stroke extremities. Afterward, you should perform a final load check to ensure that the cylinder is functioning properly.

In order to use a pneumatic cylinder effectively, you must make sure that it has no contaminants. They can clog the working parts of the cylinder and prevent it from performing its function. When this happens, the functionality of the cylinder is reduced and it may even fail altogether. Contaminants can enter through the pneumatic air supply, or even in the operating environment. Oil, water, and particulate matter can affect the performance of a pneumatic cylinder.


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