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What is the principle of pneumatic solenoid valve

Update:08 Jan 2021

The pneumatic solenoid valve has a closed cavity with t […]

The pneumatic solenoid valve has a closed cavity with through holes at different positions. Each hole of the pneumatic solenoid valve leads to a different oil pipe. In the middle of the cavity is the valve. On both sides are two electromagnets. Which side of the magnet coil is energized Where will the valve body be attracted;

The pneumatic solenoid valve blocks or leaks different oil discharge holes by controlling the movement of the valve body, and the oil inlet hole is normally open, the hydraulic oil will enter the different oil discharge pipes, and then the pressure of the pneumatic solenoid valve oil Push the piston of Yugang, so that the mechanical movement of the entire solenoid valve is controlled by controlling the current of the electromagnet of the pneumatic solenoid valve.

Pneumatic solenoid valve is an automation basic component used to control fluid, which belongs to actuator; pneumatic solenoid valve is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic; pneumatic solenoid valve is used to control the direction of hydraulic flow. Factory machinery is generally made of hydraulic steel or solenoid valve control.

When energized, the solenoid generates electromagnetic force to lift the closing member from the valve seat, and the valve opens; when the power is off, the electromagnetic force disappears, and the spring presses the closing member on the valve seat to close the valve.
It is mainly used as a switch. It uses electric energy to flow through the coil to generate electromagnetic attraction to attract the valve core (overcoming spring or self-gravity). It is divided into two types: normally open and normally closed. It is usually used to cut off the flow of oil, water, gas and other substances. With pressure, temperature sensors and other electrical equipment to achieve automatic control.

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