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Measures to deal with the problem of unbalanced design of pneumatic component control valve device

Update:22 Jan 2021

At the beginning of the design of the pneumatic compone […]

At the beginning of the design of the pneumatic component control valve, because there is no matching one, it will create an imbalance of the entire system, which will cause unnecessary loss of energy consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to strive for the beginning of the system design. perfect.
If the system cannot reach full load due to unbalanced system under design conditions, the total investment of the entire device will not be returned. When the maximum load is required, the pneumatic control valve is fully opened and still cannot handle this situation. It is difficult to determine the size of a two-way control valve. The calculated valve is generally not available in the market, so the size is usually too large. In this way, the balance of the circulation system becomes very critical. Generally speaking, the investment in this part is less than one percent of the total investment in HVAC. Every morning, after a one-night shutdown, all power needs to be mobilized to restore comfort as soon as possible. A well-balanced system can do it quickly. If the start-up time can be saved by 30 minutes, compared to 8 hours of working time, it can save 6% of energy consumption per day. This is more than all distribution pumping costs.
In variable flow distribution, pumping energy consumption generally accounts for less than 5% of the seasonal consumption of refrigeration equipment. The cost of reducing the indoor temperature by one more degree is 10 to 16%. Therefore, getting the right comfort level is the best way to save energy. Therefore, all measures aimed at reducing pumping energy consumption must be taken so that they will not adversely affect the operation of the end device control loop. By increasing the design water temperature difference .T as much as possible and using a variable speed pump with an optimally positioned Δp sensor, pumping costs can be reduced. Under medium load, stable regulation PI control requires a lower flow rate than switch control, which can also reduce pumping costs.
But the most important thing is to compensate for the oversize problem of the pump. The balance valve set by the compensation method can show this kind of oversized condition. It can be found that all the over pressure is located on the balance valve close to the pump. After implementing corrective measures on the pump, the pneumatic component balance valve can be reopened. Circulation balance requires the right tools, the latest procedures and effective measuring devices. The manual balance valve for pneumatic components is obviously the most reliable and simple product to obtain the correct flow under the design conditions, and it can always measure the flow for diagnosis. If necessary, it can also be connected with a differential pressure controller.

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