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What factors should be paid attention to in cylinder design

Update:18 Dec 2020

There are thousands of different types of pneumatic cyl […]

There are thousands of different types of pneumatic cylinders, and there are many uses in automation. When selecting a cylinder for a particular application, it is best to consider some design criteria and key factors affecting that particular function. The well-designed cylinder has six key components. These factors must be fully considered to ensure the good function of the pneumatic system.

Airflow requirements

Air supply to the cylinder is essential for its normal function because the air is sufficiently compressed to perform the mechanical work produced by the cylinder. For single acting cylinder and double acting cylinder, the requirements for determining air flow are different. In order for the air compressor to work properly and to produce a maximum compression pressure of 7 to 10 bar, the compressor, air reservoir and piping must be well constructed.

Gas cylinder pipe

As air flows through the pipe, pressure is lost due to flow friction and other corrosive losses and resistances. This energy is expressed as a pressure loss. Reducing the pressure loss in the pneumatic circuit is very important for the overall effectiveness of the system. In order to obtain the true value of maximum compression without causing pressure loss, the pipes must be carefully connected and kept clean.

Air quality and lubrication

Air leakage cannot be avoided and air quality needs to be protected by using appropriate filtration. Lubricants are essential for good cylinder function. Pneumatic tools used at extreme high or low temperatures may require air dryers and other equipment to prevent icing. Lubrication reduces wear and prolongs cylinder life, prevents rust and dissolves sludge found in the compressed air system.

Pneumatic circuit

When designing the pneumatic circuit, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the load factor and the general operation of the cylinder. Each component must be well constructed and specifically adapted to the required performance required within the circuit. Cost effectiveness and fault protection contribute to circuit excellence and reduce damage during operation.

Solenoid valve

Solenoid valves are widely used because they are reliable and popular in many applications. This type of valve transmits compressed air to the equipment in the pneumatic circuit, so that large equipment can be controlled with very small signal and interface between electronic controllers can be provided. The solenoid valve needs to bear a lot of pressure, so it must be made of the best material.

Final statement on safety

It is very important for the smooth operation of the pneumatic circuit to select an excellent company with a high level of cylinder manufacturing. All components of the cylinder bring real value to the system, and each part must be fully considered when selecting, installing and maintaining the pneumatic system.

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