A mini pneumatic cylinder works with compressed air in the barrel

Update:22 Sep 2022

The Lida pneumatic mini pneumatic cylinder is designed […]

The Lida pneumatic mini pneumatic cylinder is designed with hygiene in mind. Its design minimizes the number of gaps between the housing components and prevents dirt accumulation. It also features a new scraper design with no undercut. Its stainless steel housing and plastic slide bearing are made from materials that resist corrosion and harsh chemicals. It meets ISO 6432 standards.

MA Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder

Bore (mm) 16 20 25 32 40
Motion Pattern Double Action
Working Medium Air
※Fixed Type BasicType、FAType、LB Type、SDBType
OperatingVoltage Range 1~9Kgf/cm²
Ensured Pressure Resisteince 13.5Kgf/cm²
Operating Temperature Range 0~70℃
Operating Speed Range 500~800mm/s
Buffer Form Buffer Spacer
Joint Pipe Bore M5x0.8 G1/8


A mini pneumatic cylinder works with compressed air in the barrel. The compressed air then forces the piston to retract, which forces the air out of the cylinder's end ports. When the piston reaches the negative position, it retracts the rod. This allows the carrier to support the load along the length of the cylinder.

Another advantage of a mini pneumatic cylinder is its small footprint. It is also more durable, capable of withstanding high loads and moment forces. Its design eliminates rod buckling and bending. However, this type of cylinder is susceptible to dust and other environmental factors. Its bands may also stretch and wear over time, which results in air leaks. The cylinder can be either foot or center mounted.

A mini pneumatic cylinder can operate with 300 PSI pneumatic pressure. The Miniature Pneumatic Cylinder also comes with front and rear mounting options, as well as a wrench flat on the rod end.


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