Types and Features of Air Cylinders

Update:16 Sep 2022

A pneumatic air cylinder is a machine that utilizes com […]

A pneumatic air cylinder is a machine that utilizes compressed air as a power source. Air cylinders can be used in applications like jet engines and construction equipment. These devices have a long history and are available in many different materials. Among them are stainless steel, brass, and plastic. There are also many types and features that are available for different applications.

There are several types of air cylinders, and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. When selecting one, you should consider the size, speed, and materials of the cylinder. The air cylinder body material must be able to withstand the force needed to move a particular load. You can also consider the weight of the load and the system size before making a decision.

A standard air cylinder comes with several features, such as a foot bracket and an intermediate mounting type. The foot brackets are flanges that sit under the cylinder and are attached to the cylinder with lugs. The lugs, on the other hand, attach to the side of the cylinder and allow mounting on another surface. Other common options include a face mount and a rear mount. Face mounts have threaded holes on the front face of the cylinder, while rear mounts have tapped holes. Likewise, trunnion mounts are special mounting blocks that are mounted to the end or cap of the cylinder.

MAL Series Aluminium Mini Cylinder

MAL Series Aluminium Mini Cylinder

Bore (mm) 16 20 25 32 40
Motion Pattern Double Action
Working Medium Air
※Fixed Type Basic Type FA Type LB Type SDBType
OperatingVoltage Range 1~9Kgf/cm²
Ensured Pressure Resistance 13.5Kgf/cm²
Operating Temperature Range 0~70°C
Operating Speed Range 500~800mm/s
Buffer Form Buffer Spacer
Joint Pipe Bore M5x0.8 G1/8

The air cylinder is used in many types of systems where linear motion is needed. This type of mechanism is often found in air compressor motors and air engines. Other applications include the automotive industry, food processing, textile production, and mining.


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