How to repair the rodless cylinder?

Update:14 Feb 2022

We always have some problems in the process of using ro […]

We always have some problems in the process of using rodless cylinders, such as: rodless cylinders always leak air, magnetic couple rodless cylinders have demagnetization phenomenon, so how do we solve them?

Rodless cylinder maintenance

1. When installing the rodless cylinder, the installation accessories should be reasonably selected, and the layout should be correct, so that the force of the load and the movement axis of the rodless cylinder are on the same line to avoid bending.

2. Rodless cylinder should be matched with water separator, pressure regulating valve, lubricator, etc. to keep the working medium clean, pressure stable and lubricated to a certain extent, so as to prolong the life of the rodless cylinder.

3. Prevent the mechanical collision of the rodless cylinder caused by the inertial force at the end of the movement.

4. After the rodless cylinder is used for a certain period of time, the cylinder will lose its working reliability due to the aging or wear of the seal. The user can disassemble it for cleaning, or replace the seal.

5. Before connecting to the pipeline, clear the dirt in the pipeline to prevent debris and dust from entering the rodless cylinder cavity.

6. Adjust the buffer core to adjust the buffer effect to avoid the collision between the piston and the cylinder head and damage the parts.

7. The rodless cylinder piston rod is not allowed to bear partial load or lateral load.

how to maintain it

1. When the rodless cylinder is used, the temperature is between 5-60 °C. When the temperature exceeds 60 °C, the material of the seal must be considered; if the temperature is lower than 5 °C, the moisture in the circuit may freeze, and In the event of an accident, consider preventing freezing.

2. Do not use the rodless cylinder in an environment with dangerous corrosion, it will cause damage or poor operation. If you must use it in such an environment, please contact us.

3. The compressed air is less moisture and dust-free when used.

4. The purpose of buffering is to use the compressibility of air to absorb the kinetic energy of the moving parts, so that the piston and the end cover will not collide at the end of the stroke.

5. The pneumatic buffer has been adjusted at the factory. Due to the actual load change to adjust the buffer, the needle valve can be slowly turned to the right and weakened counterclockwise.

6. When directly used in the environment of cutting fluid, coolant, dust and splashes, be sure to add a dust cover to the cylinder, but do not use it in this environment.

7. Choosing a good rodless cylinder will greatly extend the service life of the gas rod. Wuxi Smart focuses on creating rodless cylinders, and various models are customized


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