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How to choose a cylinder

Update:30 Sep 2020

The movement speed of the cylinder is mainly determined […]

The movement speed of the cylinder is mainly determined by the needs of the driven working mechanism.
When the speed is required to be slow and stable, a gas-liquid damping cylinder or throttle speed control should be used. Throttle speed regulation methods are as follows: horizontal installation thrust load is recommended to use exhaust throttle; vertical installation lift load is recommended to use intake throttle; for specific circuits, see the section on basic circuits.
The cushioning cylinder can prevent the cylinder from impacting at the end of the stroke. Generally, the cushioning effect of the cushioning cylinder is obvious when the resistance load and the speed are not high. If the speed is high, the stroke end tends to produce an impact.

Repetitive linear motion is the most trouble-free and time-saving motion, but for the cylinder, its motion still has serious defects.

The first point is the problem of buffering. When the cylinder is operated at such a high frequency, the solenoid valve cannot switch the valve position normally. Even if the solenoid valve coil can be used, the coil will be generated due to high-frequency switching. The temperature rise knows that it will eventually fail or burn out, and if there is no buffer in the cylinder itself, the damage to the cylinder block is also great, and the buffer of the cylinder needs time to complete.

In addition, the inherent characteristics of compressed gas also influence the frequency requirements you need to rate. Normally, it is a very good cylinder that can achieve the requirement of 2 times/s. The crank-connecting rod mechanism uses a speed reducer with an appropriate speed as the power source. When the frequency conversion control is implemented, the required operating frequency can be basically achieved.



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