How to adjust the air pressure of the truck

Update:25 Aug 2022

Everyone often uses it in life, but the sudden vaporiza […]

Everyone often uses it in life, but the sudden vaporization of liquefaction will have a lot of pressure, and it will cause an explosion. Here we have to mention the pressure regulator. A regulator is a device that keeps the downstream pressure stable regardless of changes in gas flow and upstream pressure. The regulator should be able to: reduce the upstream pressure to a stable downstream pressure; should be able to limit the downstream pressure to a safe range when the regulator fails. The main function of the pressure regulator is to adjust the higher gas inlet pressure to the set lower gas outlet pressure, and automatically keep the outlet pressure value within a certain range as the gas consumption changes and the inlet pressure fluctuates. . That is, the function of reducing and maintaining pressure.
Sometimes we need to adjust the voltage regulator, here is a brief introduction to the working principle of the voltage regulator.

The structure of the pressure regulator is similar to air compressor pressure regulator Manufacturers the principle. There is usually a part such as an adjusting screw or an adjusting screw ring to adjust the air pressure. The adjusting screw or ring is on top of the actuator (ie diaphragm).
1. Find the adjustment switch. The pipes and hoses below the pressure regulator should be able to be adjusted if they can withstand it. Open the label at the top and you can see that there is an adjustment screw inside, turn it gently with the matching wrench (clockwise is to increase the pressure and flow , on the contrary, it reduces the pressure and flow.
2. Adjust the screw and observe the reading change. If you want to increase the air pressure, you only need to rotate the adjusting screw or ring clockwise, but when adjusting, there must be a pressure gauge in the air outlet part. While observing the change in the reading of the pressure gauge, you can adjust it slowly. Only turn 1/4 turn, because when the pressure regulator is boosting, there will be a process of pressure increase, not immediately after adjustment, so it is necessary to slowly observe and adjust, so as to avoid overpressure caused by excessive action .
3. Look at the pressure unit. The inlet of 0.3, if the unit is bar, is indeed relatively small. Your front pressure should come from the medium pressure pipe network. Generally, the normal medium pressure pipe network is about 2bar air pressure.
In fact, the pressure regulating valve of this kind of flammable and explosive gas is generally adjusted before leaving the factory (according to the normal household flow and pressure), and there is no need to adjust it again. Afterwards, it is recommended not to adjust by yourself or to contact the person from the gas company to reflect the situation.

Adjustment method
1. First find the dryer at the front of the truck. The function of the dryer is to remove the moisture in the air and dry the air to provide clean air for the pneumatic system of the truck. Below the dryer is the air pressure regulator that adjusts the air pressure.
2. After finding the air pressure regulating valve, first do not adjust it directly, first observe the air pressure gauge, and ensure that the air pressure is below the six pressure values. Because for beginners, if they don't know how to adjust the pressure, it is easy to cause excessive pressure, and it is very dangerous for the gas storage tank to explode.
3. After the preparation is completed, use a wrench to hold the adjusting screw of the air pressure regulator, and turn the adjusting screw of the air pressure regulator clockwise one turn, and the exhaust pressure of the system will increase by 1. We can turn the adjusting screw of the air pressure regulator one turn counterclockwise, and the exhaust pressure of the system will increase or decrease by 1. The general air pressure is 8 air pressures at the factory. Air pressure for internal test. When traveling, it is generally 9 air pressures. Therefore, according to the pressure gauge, the torque wrench is adjusted to the air pressure specified by the system.


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