Different Types of Cylinder has Different Advantages and Disadvantages

Update:13 Jul 2021

Classification from whether the cylinder piston bears t […]

Classification from whether the cylinder piston bears the gas pressure is one-way or two-way (1) Single-acting cylinder: The piston of the cylinder can only be pushed by the air pressure in one direction, and external force is needed in the reverse direction. (2) Double-acting cylinder: The piston of the cylinder is driven by air pressure in both forward and reverse directions.

Advantages of single-acting cylinder: It is reset by spring and controlled by three-way valve.

Advantages of double-acting cylinders: It is completely controlled by air. Through air pressure reset, a larger cylinder diameter can be achieved. The price will be cheaper than single-acting. It is controlled by a two-position five-way valve.

Disadvantages of single-acting cylinders: corresponding cylinders of the same series and the same specification, single-acting must be more expensive than double-acting, and the life of the spring will directly affect the life of the cylinder. Moreover, if the cylinder diameter is too large, single-acting cannot be done.

Disadvantages of double-acting cylinders: I feel that there is no disadvantage, that is, both sides are controlled by air pressure.

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