How to Select Filter Regulator and Types of Filter Regulator

Update:29 Jun 2021

A filter regulator is a combination of a filter and pre […]

A filter regulator is a combination of a filter and pressure regulator in a single unit. Both of these are also available as separate units. The benefit is that the single unit takes less space, reduces the chance of leaks due to less air connections and, in some cases, can improve the performance.

How do I select a Filter Regulator Lubricator

There are a number of considerations in choosing an FRL combination.

What is the flow rate required for a process or system? This will determine the port size of the FRL.

What level of filtration is required and to what level of dryness? The general purpose filter is 40 micron, but 5 micron is also available. As a rule, air would be filtered to 40 micron first, before applying the 5 micron filtration. A 40 micron filter will typically remove 95% of the water content; putting the filters in series means 95% of the remaining 5% will be removed, giving water removal approaching 99%. After 5 micron removal, oil, then vapour removal filters can be applied.

What is the pressure requirement to operate downstream equipment and what is the supply pressure? This will be the task of the pressure regulator. It is important to note that a quantifiable pressure drop will occur through the FRL combination.

What degree of lubrication is required? Oil fog lubricators are ideal for heavy requirements over short distances and level runs; micro-fog lubricators are best suited to complex systems, with multiple components, over long and often non-level runs.

Types of filter regulators

The standard Excelon Plus models have ports from G3/8 to G3/4, auto or manual drain and guarded polycarbonate or metal with level indicator bowls. 40 micron filter elements are fitted for all standard options, as is an integrated gauge. Other options are available, for example 5 micron filter elements.

The Olympian Plus standard range has ports G1/4 to G3/4 and auto or manual drain. A metal bowl and 40 micron filter element is fitted to all standard options.

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