Choosing a High Pressure Air Regulator

Update:02 Dec 2022

Generally speaking, a high pressure air regulator is a […]

Generally speaking, a high pressure air regulator is a pressure reducing valve that allows a gas or liquid to flow from inlet to outlet. These regulators are used in many different industries, including aerospace and the automotive industry.The first step in choosing the right regulator is to consider the flow rate and the maximum pressure it can handle. A two stage pressure regulator is ideal for high flow rate applications. If you're looking to reduce inlet pressure, a three stage regulator may be more appropriate.A diaphragm style regulator is also a good choice. These regulators typically consist of an elastomer, which eliminates friction resulting from piston style designs.

Another type of regulator is the pilot operated regulator. Pilot operated regulators have a remote control, which allows the user to make pressure adjustments from another location. These regulators are ideal for applications where the user isn't close to the unit.Lastly, a high pressure air regulator should be designed to follow the flow of the fluid, in this case the air. If the regulator is installed in an inappropriate location, it may cause damage to the internal components.

A pressure regulator is a great tool for altitude control systems, reaction control systems and air compressors. They are most often used in air compressors, but are also used in many different industries.


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