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SC series standard cylinder working principle and specifications

Update:09 Apr 2021

SC series standard cylinders are suitable for all walks […]

SC series standard cylinders are suitable for all walks of life. When choosing this series of cylinders, you should pay attention to it. When the load changes during work, you should choose the SC standard cylinder with sufficient output power. Under high temperature conditions, you should choose the corresponding high temperature resistant SC standard cylinder.

The SC series standard cylinder has obvious advantages in the process of industrial production and use. It is a tie-rod cylinder with small size and easy installation; the front and rear covers are connected with the aluminum tube cylinder block with good reliability; the piston adopts a special-shaped two-way sealing structure, and the size is compact. It has oil storage function; the cylinder terminal can be equipped with an adjustable buffer to make the cylinder change smoothly and without impact; high temperature resistance, high temperature resistant sealing materials can be used, so that the cylinder can work normally at a high temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

The diameter of SC standard cylinder can be selected from 32mm~200mm, and the stroke can be selected from 25mm~1500mm. When the required stroke is ≥1600mm, it can be customized. In addition to the basic installation and fixing methods of this series of cylinders, there are also single-ear, double-ear, front flange, rear flange, tripod, swing, and swing plus foot mount options.

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SC Series Standard Cylinder

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