How is the maintenance of pneumatic components correct?

Update:19 May 2020

If a set of pneumatic device is not well maintained and […]

If a set of pneumatic device is not well maintained and used improperly, the equipment will be damaged prematurely or frequently, making the equipment "retired" in advance. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and repair in time if any problems are found, so as to extend the service life of the equipment.

All products of pneumatic components shall be kept within the specified working pressure and voltage range. When it is used in the environment with a lot of water, oil drop and dust, it must be covered with protective cover to avoid product damage. Do not use fluid or air containing corrosive substances to avoid product damage. During the operation of the product, do not touch the terminal part or switch to avoid short circuit or circuit error, resulting in actuation and electric shock, do not place other articles on the product, so as to avoid the damage of human body, machine and device caused by the falling of the product, in addition, the product may cause the risk of poor operation and out of control due to damage.


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