How to adjust the cylinder speed

Update:27 Jan 2022

In recent years, with the rapid development of the auto […]

In recent years, with the rapid development of the automation industry, the cylinder has gradually become well known to people. Followed by all kinds of problems in the application of the cylinder! Today we discuss the problem: how to adjust the cylinder speed.

There are many factors affecting the speed of the cylinder, such as the size of the cylinder bore, the flow aperture of the solenoid valve; the size of the air pressure used, the diameter and length of the air pipe, the air storage capacity of the air compressor, the position of the air path where the control components are located, etc., all of which will have a certain impact on the speed of the cylinder. At this stage, how to affect the speed of the cylinder to solve the effect of the cylinder can achieve fast and slow, the following two ways: First, the cylinder needs to be equipped with a speed control device, and a speed control valve is installed at the air inlet and outlet of the cylinder; Second, the exhaust valve device is also in the An exhaust valve (bleed valve) device is installed at the air inlet and outlet of the cylinder. Let's take a look at how the cylinder speed is adjusted by these two factors?

Generally, the cylinder has two air chambers, so there are two intake ports on the cylinder block. If the air hole near the end of the cylinder is in the intake state, then the push rod in the cylinder extends outward. On the contrary, if it is close to the air hole in the push rod, the push rod in the cylinder shrinks inward. Solve according to the throttling method.

First prepare auxiliary accessories. One piece of two-position five-way solenoid valve, nylon tube, two throttle valves. At this time, connect the main air source pipe to the P port of the solenoid valve, then connect two air pipes to the A and B ports of the solenoid valve, and connect a throttle valve to each branch, and then connect the air intake pipe from the throttle valve to the cylinder. They are respectively connected to the two intake inlets of the four-tie rod cylinder. Pay attention to air opening and air closing, and take over correctly according to specific process requirements.

At this time, after all the assembly work is completed, it is to debug the cylinder speed and use the throttle valve to adjust the air intake of the cylinder. If the retraction is required to be slower, the air volume in the descending air path should be adjusted to be small, and if the extension is required to be faster, the air volume in the ascending air path should be increased. How much air volume should be adjusted depends on actual requirements.


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