Cylinder maintenance and maintenance methods

Update:07 Jan 2022

Cylinder maintenance and maintenance methods The cylind […]

Cylinder maintenance and maintenance methods

The cylinder should be used in accordance with relevant safety regulations, and emergency stop devices should be provided in the event of failure. After the work is over, the compressed air inside the cylinder should be discharged.

1. When the cylinder is overhauled and reassembled, the parts should be cleaned, especially to prevent the sealing ring from being cut and damaged, and pay attention to the installation direction of the movable sealing ring.

2. During use, check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in each part of the cylinder, whether each connection part is loose, etc., and the movable part of the cylinder with pin type installation should be regularly lubricated.

3. When the cylinder is not used for a long time, all processed surfaces should be coated with anti-rust oil, and the inlet and exhaust ports should be dust-proof and blocked.

4. Work out the monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance system of the cylinder,

When the cylinder is working, the piston will hit the cylinder head, and the cushion seal ring of the cylinder head is a vulnerable part. If the cushion seal ring is severely damaged, the cushion plunger and the cushion seal ring will not be well sealed before the stroke end of the cylinder. Thereby losing the cushioning effect. If the cylinder is used for a long period of time, it is generally necessary to replace the sealing ring and apply grease at the same time.


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