Application scenarios of high-efficiency high-temperature air filters

Update:10 Mar 2022

Usually, high-efficiency high-temperature air filters a […]

Usually, high-efficiency high-temperature air filters are divided into these styles: plate high-temperature air filters, folded high-temperature air filters and HTR high-temperature air filters. Among them, these three styles each have their own advantages and different performance indexes. We usually buy the corresponding high temperature air filter according to our own environmental needs, because the three different specifications of the filter material are different, the response will be different.
Different types of air filters have different models and applications. When you buy, you need to filter according to the scope you need to use. For the semiconductor industry, especially for chip manufacturing units above 6 inches, only filtering is not enough, and you need to install non-woven cotton or multi-layer metal mesh filters. Roughly filter the fresh air, and install a sub-high-efficiency filter in the fresh air air conditioner box.


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